April 27, 2012
CL Game 13

Nationals (Gregory Hillyard, DMD)   8

Angels (Rose Tree Fire Company)   5

The Angels and the Nationals had a well-played game with the Nationals winning 8 -5.

The Angels started out strong with 4 runs in the first inning with runs by Joshua Emery, Michael Costello, Kadin Matotek and Dylan Colvin. The Nationals then started their comeback with 2 runs in the first by Zach Douglas and Charlie McConnell and 3 more runs in the third by Nick DelPizzo, Zach and Charlie scoring and RBIs by Charlie McConnell, Noah Grieco and Jake Stephens. Ethan Ryan, Bennett Bornstein and Garrett Lynn also scored in the fourth inning. The Angels did score another run in the sixth when Samuel Kleimanhad hit an RBI single to score Rowan Degnan.


Game Notes:

    Josh Osher 1hit and 1 RBI

    Andrew Weber - 2 hits and 1 RBI

    Jeremy Mack 1 hit


    Damien Carr 2 hits

    Alexander Maillie 1 hit

    Michael Byrd 2 hits

    Jacob Maillie and Isabella Mingioni had some nice work in the field