May 19, 2012
AL Game 43

Pazulski Carpet & Tile   17
Mainstay Investments   6

Pazulski beat Mainstay will a solid overall effort, highlighted by great pitching and clutch hitting from Nick Martini. Matt Delmar played a great game, making two highlight reel plays at 3B and hitting the walk-off 3 run double to win the game.


Call-up Nick Harrsch provided a spark to Pazulski as did leadoff hitter Sean Bettenhausen who continues to thrive batting leadoff.

Mainstay kept the game close for most of the game with solid pitching by Isaac Golub and some timely hits.

Pitch Counts:
     Rodgers 23
     Martini 58

     Golub 70
     Morfie 66
     Julianna 8