May 20, 2012
AL Game 40

Horizon Services    28
Masonic Lodge    18


Wednesday’s postponed game was played Sunday afternoon in perfect weather for a slugfest. And that is what we got with 46 runs scored in just four innings.

Horizon got off to a fast start with 15 runs in the first inning and never relinquished the lead. Four hit players included Matt Koskinen (1 triple, 1 double), Zavier Alvarez-Burock (3 doubles), and Will Holefelder(1 double). Zak Burgess had three hits, including a triple, and Pablo Hortua also added three hits. Nick Chaves doubled and singled in the game. Pablo Hortua pitched the first two innings delivering four strikeouts. Zak Burgess, who pitched in relief, dealt two strikeouts in the third, and Dominic Carbonetta got the save with two strikeouts in the fourth.

T. Zane Walsh (1 triple, 1 double), Owen Rau and Sam Elfenbein all went three for three as Masonic racked up 18 runs in a hard fought game. Also contributing were Chris McGowan with two hits, including a triple, plus Justin Potts with two hits (1 double).

Pitch Counts:
     Hortua – 64
     Burgess – 35
     Carbonetta – 15

     Brown – 33
     Rau – 34
     Potts – 52
     Elfenbein – 23