April 21, 2012
AL Game 14

VantagePoint 17

Pazulski 6

VantagePoint unleashed some serious Lumber in a 17-6 win over Pazulski Carpet and Tile.

Highlights for VantagePoint:

 * Leo Burman provided a triple, double and single to ignite the offense

 * Catcher Brian Gunn collected 2 doubles

 * Joey Schaefer-Ferrara had 2 singles

 * Louie Osher added a ringing double

 * Ryan Tolentino hit a mammoth ground rule double

Kadin Bard and Ian Tierney held Pazulski's to just 6 runs in the 5 inning affair. Tierney earned the win.

Pitch Counts:
    Bard 30
    Tierney 49

    Carroll 75