May 21, 2011

NL Game 50


Twins (Court Diner)     11

Phillies (MapleZone)     8


The Twins defeated the Phillies, 11 – 8, with all team members contributing in the field and at bat. Zavier Alvarez-Burock pitched four innings allowing two runs while striking out 10. Sam Holefelder pitching in the last two innings secured the win.

Jake Kelk drove in five RBIs, contributing to an early 10 – 0 lead, which was enough to hold off a fifth inning surge by the Phillies. John Francis was on base four times with two hits and two walks.

The Phillies’ Max DiGiulio was 2 for 3 with a double in the 5th to get their rally started. Ethan Emery went 3 for 3 with a triple in the same inning.


Pitch Counts


 Ethan Emery 75
 Nick Chaves 34
 Kevin Smith 18