May 27, 2011
ML Game 39

Baker Printing     10
Patriot Construction     0

Caleb Mahalik led Baker with an RBI double in the 1st inning and ended the game with a leadoff home run to center field in the 4th inning. JT Osher had 3 RBI's, Kyle Virbitsky scored 3 runs and had 2 RBI's, Alex Burman had 2 hits and a RBI, and Chris Aman had a RBI single as well. Manny Ruffin and JT Osher combined to hold Patriot to 0 runs on just 1 hit over 4 innings.

Pitch Counts
 Ruffin 48
 Osher 25

 Feldman 62

Umpire: Mehalick