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April 9, 2011

ML Game 6


Moppert Brothers     8

Baker Printing     3



Ryan Colella pitched and hit Moppert to victory in a very well-played game. On the mound, he kept the ball around the plate, notching 6 strikeouts while allowing no walks. The defense helped him with Justin Heidig, Aaron Brown, Ryan McLaughlin and Ryan Stocku making fine plays to frustrate Baker.

At bat, Colella hit home runs in his first two at bats, helping Moppert to an early 5-0 lead.
Michael Chang collected three hits for Moppert.

For Baker, Kyle Virbitsky struck out six of the firs seven batters he faced, registering seven in all in just two-plus inning of work. He also homered to centerfield in the fifth to get Baker close.


Pitch Counts

    Colella 85



     Burman 50

     Virbitsky 50

     Ruffin 24