April 11, 2011

CL Game 6


Diamondbacks 6 (tie)

Mariners 6

The Diamondbacks & Mariners kicked off the CL season last night with a 6 - 6 tie!


Both teams played hard for a great first game. The Mariners got 2 runs in the 1st with to rbi's, one from Robert Furlan and one from Jordon Tegethoff. The Mariners then got another run in the 3rd from Dylan Mitchell with an RBI double. The Diamondbacks got a run in the 4th from Matteo. In the bottom of he 5th Dylan Mitchell got a 3 run home run to make the score 6 to 1. The Diamondbacks didn't give up and came back in the top of the 6th with 5 runs to make the score 6 - 6. They were able to hold off the Mariners to keep the game a 6 - 6 tie.


This was a good hard game played by both teams to kick off the season for the CL league.