May 1, 2011
CL Game 2

Mariners (Concord Auto Body)     10

Angels (Quotations Restaurant)     8

The Mariners started off the first inning with 4 runs. The runs were scored off hits from Sean Bramley , Gavin Dreher, Dylan Mitchell, Bobby Sundo, Robert Furlan and James Tegethoff. The Angels fought back and scored 2 runs to make it a 4-2 game. The Angels kept the Mariners bats quiet in the top of the second inning. In the bottom on the second inning the Angels came back to score 5 runs and take the lead in the game. The Mariners did not give up and came back in the top of the third and scored five runs. Three of the runs came from a three run home run from David Scanlan. Dylan Mitchell and Bobby Sundo got on base and were sent home with a triple from Robert Furlan to make the score 9-7 Mariners. The Mariners added one more run in the top of the fourth with a home run from Jordon Tegethoff. The Angels came up in the bottom of the fourth and added 1 more run to make the score 10-8 mariners. Both teams played good defense in the fifth inning and no runs were scored. The game ended with a final score of 10-8 Mariners. Both teams played a great game.