May 21, 2011
AL Game 61

Sposato Homes     12
Visual Communications     11

Sposato & Visual met up for a second time this year, proving to be a great game with lots of excitment & five lead changes. Russ Smith for Sposato & Tommy Ziegler for Visual started on the mound and keep the game close for both teams. Tommy Bradley for Sposato and Leo Burman & Jake McDonald for Visual helped their teams with relief pitching. Josh Zivik, Leo Burman & best of all Mike Hussey with a huge 2 rbi triple led the offense for Visual. Sposato's big bats were Evan Perks, Devon Moore with a 2 rbi double & Josh Grady with a 6th inning single to send home the game winning rbi's to put Sposato over the top for come back win.

Pitch Counts
 Russ Smith 85
 Tommy Bradley 26

 Tommy Ziegler 73
 Leo Burman 18
 Jake McDonald 8