May 7, 2011

AL Game 46


Horizon Services     9
SaaS     8

Nick Martini's double in the bottom of the 6th scored Dennis Harrsch and led Horizon to a 9-8 comeback win over a tough SaaS team. Horizon was led by 3 hits each from Martini, Ryan Tolentino and Dan Crossan. Crossan also scored 3 runs. Connor Boyd got the win on the mound by pitching the final 3 innings while striking out 6. He struck out the side in the top of the 6th with the go ahead run on 3rd.

SaaS was led by the Naz Lennon, Gabe Malek, Jack Fitzpatrick and Brian Virbitsky at the plate with 2 hits each. Lennon and Virbitsky also scored 3 runs. Virbitsky and Chris Johnson both pitched well for SaaS.

Pitch Counts

 Brian Virbitsky 75
 Chris Johnson 43

 Dennis Harrsch 88
 Connor Boyd 54