May 20, 2011
AL Game 17

Quinn Construction     21
Visual Communications     17

Quinn Construction opened up the game with a 10-run 1st inning but Visual Communications stormed back late to make it a one run game in the 4th. Quinn, however, held on to win. Dylan Bittle had 3 doubles with two of them hitting off of the wall in right field. Nate Furman had 4 hits and 5 RBIs and Ryan Haughey added a hit with 2 RBIs.

Tommy Ziegler had 4 hits for Visual while Josh Zivik added 3 of his own.

Pitch Counts

 Dylan Bittle 72
 Jamie Simpson 40
 Ryan Haughey 35

 Jamie Barker 75
 Josh Zivik 59
 Tommy Ziegler 16