April 10, 2011

AL Game 2


Sposato Homes - 11
SaaS Solutions - 1

After several rainouts, Sposato Homes vs SaaS Solutions were finally able to get their game in.


Russell Smith started his MLL debut in a great way by pitching a complete game & only allowing 1 run. Russell's bat also help Sposato Homes on offense, along with Josh Grady & Zak Summy also going 2-3 & posting multiple RBI's. Chris Johnson, Gabe Malek & Max Dougherty all pitched well for Saas Solutions but Sposato Homes had good bats & solid defense to seal the win.

Pitch counts:

Sposato Homes:
Russell Smith - 80

SaaS Solutions:
Chris Johnson - 39
Gabe Malek - 35
Max Dougherty - 33