June 11, 2010

NL Playoff Game 4


Twins (Advocare Children's Medical)  12

Royals (Quotations Resturant)   11


Twins 12
Royals 11
In the second round of the National League playoffs the the Twins beat the number one seed Royals in a very close game which ended at the fifth inning due to darkness.  In the first inning the Twins went to work with singles from Josh Grady (2 for2) and Leo Burman (2 for 2).  At the bottom of one the Royals tacked on 3 putting the score at 4-3 Twins.
In the second the the Twins added one more run on an RBI triple from Liam McGuire (3 for 3) scoring Josh Grady, but the Royals scored 4 more of their own to put it at 7 to 5 in favor of the Royals.  Both teams were held scoreless in the 3rd due to good pitching.  In the 4th each team added four more runs with the Twins scoring on an RBI single from Josh Grady and Liam McGuire's 3 RBI triple, leaving the score 11 to 9 Royals.
As dusk was beginning to settle in the Twins added three more runs and took the lead 12-11 with two more RBI's from Liam and one from Leo.  All the Twins had to do was shut down the Royals in the bottom of the 5th, which they did.  Good game for both sides.
Pitch count for Twins
Leo Burman 33
Mike Hussey 41
Liam McGuire 75