June 8, 2010

CL Playoff Game 2



Diamondbacks (Media Hair Stop)   8

Padres (Court Diner)  7


Tommy Smith - the "spark" with 3 hits and 3 runs scored


Griffin Martin - 2 key hits and used his super speed to score the key run to even the score in the last inning


Blaze Penn - spectacular diving catch to end a rally - top ten play on sports center


Zavier Burock - put on a "hitting clinic" with 4 hits and 3 runs scored including the game winner


Grant Metzger - fantastic effort at the plate with 4 hits and 3 RBIs - he is just getting warmed up


Jake Kelk - 2 key hits and 2 spectacular top ten sports center plays at first base 


Angela Collins - top story on sports center - hit a walk off single to end the game


Nathan Perlman -  2 key hits and demonstrated his usual gritty determination on the field


Aaron Schulman - spectacular backhanded stop at 3rd and great effort at the plate


Josh Brown - 2 critical hits to keep the rallies going