June 7, 2010

CL Playoff Game 1


Rays (Hill's Seafood)   12

Tigers (Dawn Graphic Design)   1



(AP) Media, PA - The 2010 Media Little League Continental League Playoffs opened today to the usual fanfare as the Tigers visited the Rays.  And it was the Tigers who jumped out to an early 1-0 lead due in large part to Harry Lane's lead off single and his aggressive base running.  But unfortunately for the Tigers, it was all Rays after that.  In front of their home sellout crowd, the Rays 2-3-4 hitters went an astounding 9 for 9 on the day and scored 9 Rays runs en route to their 12-1 first round victory over the Tigers.
That vaunted combination included Jack Buckley, Matt Pennoni and John Francis.  Buckley set the table with a flurry of singles.  And after that it was Pennoni and Francis who provided the "BOOM BOOM FIREPOWER".  Pennoni slammed a triple to right field in the 3rd inning and then John Francis came to the plate in the bottom of the 4th inning with bases juiced and two outs.  And that's right ladies and gentlemen, Francis took at a belt high 36 mph fastball and said "Ciao baby" because ciao means hello and goodbye.  Francis' titanic homer landed some place in deep center field as he recorded his first career grand slam.  
After the game, Rays assistant coach Mike Elfenbein was estatic.  "I can't get over how well the men played today", coach Mike gushed.  "The fielding, the hitting, what a great performance.", he continued.  Then he added, "Why won't Deb get me a hot dog?  Does Gina ever get you a hot dog?, Man, I could really go for a hot dog.".  Yep, kinda says it all.
FISH FOOD:  ....Next up for the Rays are the upstart 7th seeded Nationals.  Game time is Wednesday night at 5:45.  ....The Rays will stay in town this evening and take an early flight on Tuesday morning for the Wednesday evening affair.  ....The Rays are averaging 12.5 runs per game over their last two games   ....Mark Anderson will sing the national anthem before Wednesdays game ....Coach Francis and Dylan Batten are still day-to-day but expected back in the lineup for Wednesday's tilt.