June 12, 2010
AL Playoff Game 5

Senior Care   5
Vantagepoint  4



What a great second playoff game for Vantagepoint vs Senior Care, which ended being a real nail biter! After losing to Vantagepoint both times this year, Senior Care new it would be in for a hard fought battle.

This gem started great for Vantagepoint with a quick 4-0 lead in the top of the 1st. They also followed up with tightening down on Senior Careís offense with a great outing on the mound by Brendan Schramm & huge defensive plays. Vantagepointís hot bats were led early by Spencer Panzo, Johnny Curran & Giovanni Matarazzo.

Jack Kichula then came in to pitch & dominate for Senior Care, and keep Vantagepoint scoreless for the rest of the game. And in the 4th inning the bats of Senior Care finally came alive with huge doubles by Freddie Potts & Nick Palermo, then a key single by Devon Moore to put Senior Care up 5-4.

Vantagepoint threatened to come back in the 6th, but Senior Care held strong & closed them out for the win. Senior Care finally had the third try as their lucky game to win!