June 1, 2010

NL Game 50


Royals (Quotations Restaurant)    10

Red Sox (Witch Bistro)   5



The Royals defeated the visiting Redsox by the score of 10-5 in National League action. For the first
time this year, every member of the Royals picked up at least 1 hit in the win. Standout offensive
performances were made by Brian Virbitsky 3 for 3, Ken Jensen 2 for 2, Gabe Malek 3 for 4, Josh Dunn 2
for 3, Reid Morfei 1 for 1 and John Lennon 1 for 1.
The Royals received solid pitching from Kevin Smith, Josh Dunn, Reid Morfei, Brian Virbitsky, Dan
Crossan and Adam Waldie who allowed 0 runs in his Royals debut!