May 24, 2010

NL Game 46


Rockies (Gregory Hillyard, D.M.D.)   15

Yankees (Visual Communications)   11



In a high scoring affair the Rockies prevailed 15-11. The Rockies had a team effort on the offensive end, but the big blow of the night game with a 3 run home run by Jamie Simpson. The Yankees got some key hits throughout the evening with the biggest hits coming from Bryan Pazulski.
The Rockies received a great combined effort on the mound from Ethan Nagorski, Dylan Bittle, Tommy Bradley, and Luke Bauwens. Jamie Barker gave the Yankees 3 strong innings in relief.
The Rockies recorded 3 outs at home by the catchers <Luke Bauwens, Dylan Bittle, and Jamie Simpson>, but the highlight play of night was a strike from LF by Jamie Simpson to Dylan Bittle who covered plate perfectly to record the last out of inning and stop a key Yankee rally.
The Rockies have now won 3 in a row to improve to 7-5 on season