May 17, 2010

NL Game 39


Twins (Advocare Children's Medical)  19

Red Sox (Witch Bistro)   18


The Twins won another one in the final inning last night to improve their record to 7-6. The Red Sox entered the 5th and final inning of play down 17 to 11, but managed to find their way to a 18-17 lead going into the bottom of the 5th, when Declan Harris walked, Garrett Brunner singled, Tom Salko walked, then Josh Grady' s dead ball pushed Declan over the plate, and Liam McGuire singled in Garrett for the winning run.

The Twins were led by Liam McGuire (4 for 4), Garrett Brunner (2 for 3), Scott Gibian (1 for 2) and everyone on the Twins roster reached base at least twice for good team baseball and patience at the plate.

As for the Red Sox they were led by Kyle Broadhurst (3 for 3), Max Brown (2 for 3), and Brad Dinger (2 for 3).