May 11, 2010

NL Game 36


Royals (Quotations Restaurant)   9

Marlins (Emily M Travel)   9



On a cold and rainy Tuesday the Royals and the Marlins took the National League field. The battle began with solid starts from both starting pitchers (Gavin McHugh & Dan Crossan) and was 3 - 0 in favor of the Royals after 2 innings. Gavin helped himself flashing the glove while on the mound making solid defensive plays to hold the Royals at bay.

The offense - Evan Bender, Evan Perks and James Gill of the Marlins each had 100% on base percent.

With the start of the third, the bats came alive. Doubles by Nate Rodgers and Justin Crawford & a single by Bryan Dewar led the Marlins big inning in the top of the 4th where they finished up by 1 run @ 9 - 8. On came the Royals three of the first five batters reached base and then came the battle between relief pitcher Justin Crawford and Ian Tierney. Ian fouled of several balls and after 7 pitched hit the ball down the third base line driving in the tying run - 9 - 9.


The Marlins came up in the top of the 5th and piled on 6 runs with two outs but the game was called for darkness.