May 8, 2010

NL Game 32


Twins (Advocare Children's Medical)   13

Marlins (Emily M Travel)  11



In a close game the Twins beat the never say die Marlins. Liam McGuire homered and tripled in the effort, and Scott Gibian doubled as well. Pitching was led by Mike Hussey, Andrew Pak, Tommy Carroll, and Liam McGuire.

The Marlins were led by hitting of Danny McLaughlin including a nice triple, Evan Perks, Gavin McHugh, and Justin Crawford.

The Twins are now 5 and 5 and getting back on track with good solid defense


Keith Stubblebine pitched a good game for the Marlins to keep them in the game for the first couple of innnings.

Pitch count for Twins:
    Mike Hussey 38
    Andrew Pak 50
    Tommy Carroll 35
    Liam McGuire 14