April 23, 2010

NL Game 20


Twins (Advocare Children's Medical)  10

Rockies (Gregory Hillyard D.M.D.)   8



In a tight game the Twins squeaked by the Rockies to tie each other's record at 3-2 on the season. Each team scored 5 runs a piece in the first inning with key doubles by Nate Furman (Rockies) and Aiden Ringiewicz (Twins).

In the top of the second the Rockies put up a three spot with singles from Dylan Bittle and Jaime Simpson, only to be outmatched by the four runs the Twins were to drive in the bottom of the second with great hits from Declan Harris, Scott Gibian, and a 3 run scoring Home Run by Mike "the Hammer" Hussey.

After that, the offenses were hushed for rest of the way with good pitching from Jaime Simpson and Nate Furman of the Rockies and Liam McGuire of the Twins, except for one more insurance run RBI single by Garrett Brunner of the Twins in the 4th.