April 21, 2010

NL Game 18


Yankees (Visual Communications)   12

Twins (Advocare Children's Medical)   11



The Yankees beat the Twins in a thriller on this late date in April 2010.

The Twins had the lead 11-3 going into the bottom of the final inning. The Yankees came to the plate with a huge hole to crawl out of if they were going to win. They chipped away at the lead and had 2 outs with Jamie Barker coming to the plate. Jamie hit a single scoring the runners on second and third to get the game to 11-9. Jared Hoefner hit a double scoring Jamie to get the game to 11-10. Emma Kichula hit a triple to tie the game. She represented the winning run on third base. Bryan Pazulski came to the plate and the Twins put in their closer Michael Hussey. He fired 2 fastballs by Bryan that made the home crowd tremble with fear. Bryan could not catch up with the balls of fire. After 2 balls the count was 2-2. Hussey looked ready to go. Got his sign. The wind up...... the pitch............ Crack! A monster fly ball hit by Pazulski to the out fiield and the Yankees came back to win scoring 9 runs in the inning. A great 2 out rally! 12-11 was the final score. It was a total team effort by the Yankees. All of the players contributed to the win!