April 13, 2010

NL Game 9


Twins (Advocare Children's Medical) - 10

Marlins (Emily M Travel) - 7



Playing between rainstorms the Marlin and Twins faced off for the first time this season and Twins started the game strong with big hits by Josh Grady (3-3, 1B, 1B, 1B, 1RBI, 3R), Liam McGuire (3-3, 1B,1B,3B, 3RBI, 1R), Mike Hussey (2-3, 1B,1B, 1R), and Leo Burman (1-3, 1 RBI). In the bottom of the first the hard charging Marlins were held in check by the Twins defense, capped by Matt Koskinen's centerfield catch of a well hit ball by Justin Crawford. The Twins played efficiently in the field the rest of the way and never looked back, including a tag at the plate by Aiden "Nails" Ringiewicz. Andrew Pak (1-1, 1BB, 1BB), Garrett Brunner (1-1, 1BB,1BB, 2RB1), and Matt Koskinien (1-1, 1BB,1BB) also contributed for the Twins.

The Marlins had nice contributions from Dan McLaughlin (3-3), Ryan Polsky (2-3), and Justin Crawford (2-2).