May 27, 2010

CL Game 59


Rays (Hill's Seafood)   13

Mets (Winners Circle)   5



Media, PA (AP) - Entering the final game of their 2010 campaign with a record of 3-6-1, the Rays have been consistently inconsistent this season.  Although the team has shown flashes of the brilliance that seemed certain to be a hallmark of this team during spring training, the Rays have yet translate that potential into a full game this season.   But before the national media could pen another story about the firing of a manager, along came May 27th.
Playing against a backdrop of ominous, threatening clouds it was the Rays bat rack provided thunder and their agressive base-running that supplied the lightening.   Five, count 'em 5 Rays, pounded out three hits EACH.  Meanwhile, of the other six batters in the lineup, EACH hit safely tonight. All totaled, the Rays pounded out 23 hits en route to a solid 13-5 victory over a very game Mets team.
The quintet leading the hit parade included Matt Pennoni, John Francis, Nick "Trout" Urffer, along with Ty & Shane Kokoska.  Francis (triple), Urffer and Ty Kokoska (doubles) also chipped in with extra base hits of their own.  Of note as well, Bobby Sypher and Mark Stubblebein had two hits each on the evening. 
Well "what about the defense?" you ask.  Look no further than Sam Elfenbein.  Elfenbein recorded two infield assists in the bottom of the 2nd inning, thwarting a Met rally.  The second of which, required a difficult off-balance throw from the 3rd base line.  But that gem was outdone only Corey "Fisk" Anderson's play behind the dish.  Anderson, a Continental League rookie, truly seems to be settling in at the right point in the season.  After dazzling at Bat-a-Thon a earlier in the month, Anderson has been flashing the leather of late.  Against the Mets, Anderson's put-away of a pop-foul helped seal the deal for the Rays.
As the playoff seedings are finalized over the weekend, only one thing is certain at this time.  Don't sleep on these Rays.  This team was built by management for the playoffs and is peaking at the right time.