April 30, 2008

ML Game 27


Carman Insurance    10

Moppert Brothers    1




For Team Carmen it was a solid all around performance.  Team Carman scored in five of the six innings thanks in large part to Alex McLaughlin who went 3 for 4 with two strong singles & a double.  The first inning produced two runs off of singles by Kevin McGowen & Alex McLaughlin plus a couple of walks.  In the second inning Kevin Mohollen tagged his second home run of the season with a two run shot over the fence.  The fifth inning was a strong inning for Carman.  Three runs were scored off singles by Nick Ladd & Alex McLaughlin, walks by Alex Kron & Steve Furman & then a double by Dan Furman.  The sixth inning was the inning of doubles for Carman.  Back to back doubles by Kevin Mohollen & Kevin McGowen led off the inning. Then a double by Alex Kron two hitters later. The doubles produced the two final runs of the game.  Caedon Saltis & Dan Furman combined for 16 strikeouts while giving up only two hits.  Carman record 6-3.


For Moppert, Peter Mamola had two doubles.  He scored in the fourth inning on a grounder by Tommy Higgins.




Pitch Counts:


    Caedon Saltis 72

     Dan Furman 32



    Peter Mamola 65

    Tim Quinn 29

    Colin McGuire 21