April 25, 2008

ML Game 21


Carman Insurance    4

Hagan Funeral Home    1



For Carman: Team Carman managed only one hit in the first three innings of play so things were not looking so good for our boys. The fourth inning was starting to look like another unproductive inning after the first two batters stuck out but the third batter, Nick Ladd, was able to reach first on an error by Haganís third baseman. Alex Kron then came to the plate & on the second pitch he rocketed a shot over the fence for his first home run of the year.  The two run homer gave Carman the lead that they would then never relinquish. James Kantner following the homer with a single. In the fifth inning after one out, TJ Loper, with his keen eyes, hurt Hagan's by reaching first on a walk.  It was a huge walk. It started a Carman rally.  Dan Furman came to the plate next & nailed a pitch to one of the signs on the outfield fence. His double scored substitute runner, Ben Aman.  Kevin Mollohen ripped a single to score Dan Furman. Team Carman scored four runs behind the strong pitching of Dan Furman who pitched the entire game except for the last Hagan batter. (Carman record 5-2)



For Hagan's: Things started well for Hagan's when Gross started the game with a single & then moved to second & third on passed balls. But Hagans could not score as Carman took down the next three batters.  The second inning for Hagan's started off with a bang when Martin took Dan Furmanís first pitch downtown.  The single homer gave Hagan's the lead. But then Furman took control by striking out the next three batters in a row. In the third inning Michael Solomon ripped a double with two outs but was left on base at the end of the inning. Solomon hit a single to start off the six inning for Hagan but it again Carman buckled down to retire the next thee batters in a row.



Pitch Counts:


    Dan Furman 86

    Caedon Saltis 6



    Rhoades 73