April 19, 2008

ML Game 14


Carman Insurance    8

Gardner Fox    5



For Carmen, Steve Furman scored his first home run of the season. Nick Ladd made a major catch on the run in center field to rob Gardner Fox of what would have been a solid double & probably would have scored the runner that was on base.  Good pitching produced 11 strikeouts for Team Carman. Carman record 4-1.


For Gardner Fox, Phil Kotcamp & Bryan Mizell had back to back homers.  A two shot homer for Phil & a solo homer for Bryan.



Pitch Counts:


            Kevin Mohollen 55

            Kevin McGowan 20

            Caedon Slatis 26


Gardner Fox:

            Sean Heidig 40

            Bryan Mizell 40

            Dominic Nunag 33