April 8, 2008

AL Game 5


Legion 93    5 (tie)

Burman's Health Foods    5

In a hard fought game Legion 93 jumped out to a 5 to 1 lead on hits by Cimino, Moppert, Mitchell and a in the park home run by Ryan Frawley. Outstanding player of the game is Joe Cimino for his play on both sides of the ball.  Burman's Heath Food then mounted a comeback in the bottom of the 3rd to tie the game at 5 all. Danny Crawford, Peter Muavero and randy cropper all had big base hits for Burman's. Alex Burman had 2 rbi including a run scoring double. Crawford, Muavero, Burman and Marlon Gomez held Moppert to 5 runs collectively.


Malcolm Reynolds and Kadzuki Clevenger added big knocks for Burman's now 1-0-1. Burman will face Coach Daly on Saturday's opening day.


Legion 93 and Burman's Health foods fought to a 5 to 5 tie in a darkness shortened game.



Pitch Count Legion 93

Steve Moppert 40
Joe Cimino      40
Mat Mitchel     16


Pitch Count Burman's Health Foods

Muavero 40
Burman 40
Crawford 33
Gomez  12