May 21, 2007

NL Game 47


Kish Funeral Home Braves   13

Lankenau Spine Center Yankees   11


The Braves outlasted the Yankees in a high scoring back and forth game at the MLL complex Monday.The Yankees scored three runs at the start of the game, scoring all the runs with two outs with singles by Jim Covello, Colin Mohollen, and a big double by Peter Solomon (4 for 4) which turned out to be his first of two in the game.

The Braves answered with 5 runs in the bottom of the first with hits by Owen McGovern (1 for 1, 3 walks), Richie Sposato (4 for 4), Rory Allen (2 for 3) and Colin McCarthy (4 for 4).

The Yankees posted their own five spot in the 4th with Hotham, O'Kane, Daily, Covello, and Solomon all scoring runs for the Yankees. The Braves were able to answer and gave up only 1 run in the last two innings including 5 strikeouts.