May 17, 2007

NL Game 44


Haverford Trust Rockies   10

Kish Funeral Home Braves   9

Finally the Haverford Trust Rockies win a close one. This game started off with Big Boy Alex Burman pitching for the Rockies and having a rough first inning. After a few walks and a couple of miss haps in the field before you knew the Rockies were down  4-0. The Rockies bats though came alive right away to catch up with big hits from Brendon Ricciardi (who just returned from missing the majority of the season with a broken wrist) . Helping his own cause was Alex Berman with a monster shot down the right field side to the fence.

The game got out of hand for the Rockies until the 5th inning . Down by 5 runs and being hit hard by the Braves batters  . Guys like Richie Sposato, Owen McGovern  and about 20 walks later everyone of the Braves seem to get on base.

In the 5th, things got crazy. Marlon Gomez with a big base hit. Nick Fender and a crucial Fielders choice play by Paul Barsz. No longer down by 5 the Rockies went up by 1. Going into the 6th the Rockies changed pitchers to Mathew Quon and as usual put him out there in a pressure situation. With the score Rockies 10 Braves 9 the inning went bad. By the time Quon got his three outs Richie Sposato came up with the bases loaded and got an 3 rbi triple. Making the score  Braves 12 Rockies 10. Now with darkness setting in the Braves brought in hard throwing Sposato to close it out but the Rockies weren't ready to go home just yet. Scoring 2 runs on Sposato and with loaded bases the score being 12-12.  The game was called due to darkness, therefore, reverting back to the last complete inning and making the score Rockies 10  Braves 9.

This puts the Rockies at 7 wins and 6 losses. Most wins in the league and most losses in the league. What a year.