April 14, 2007

NL Game 7


Rockies    16

Yankees    5


Coming back strong after a disappointing Opening Day loss the Rockies showed through great pitching and hitting that they are a team that will compete all year. Scoring 16 runs and only using 2 pitchers Nick Fender and Alex Burman through 6 innings. The Yankees used 5 pitchers in 6 innings with James Hennelly and James Covello looking good and essentially shutting down a strong Rockie lineup.

The Yankees never gave up and had a rally in the 6th inning scoring most of there runs. Even though it was a bad loss for the Yankees watching them and there coaching staff you know that this group of kids will be ready for the next game.

As for the Rockies this group of kids will battle hard every game and with kids like Mark Dombroski (who got on base 5 times in the last game) and Mathew Quon (who got on base 4 times) this will be a tough group to beat.


Rockies 5 4 0 5 1 1 16
Yankees 0 0 1 1 0 3 5