May 22, 2007 (rain make-up)

ML Game 31


Moppert 5

Carmen 4


Game 31 (completion of suspended game)

Moppert 8, Hagen 5

In was most assuredly the longest game of the year, going 10 innings and 10 days, Moppert finally won this battle of attrition.  While the details of the first 7 innings are kind of a distant memory the scorebook shows that Hagan led 5-2 after 3 innings and Moppert tied it in the 4th inning on 3 hits and walk including a leadoff HR by Mike Roberts.  The last 3 innings were scoreless behind the superb pitching of Hunter Tierney for Hagan and Kevin Dougherty for Moppert. 

Part 2 of the battle featured 2 more top pitchers in Johnny Owens (Hagan) and Kevin Bosco (Moppert).  These two made the 8th and 9th innings pretty uneventful but the 10th was anything but…Pete Mamola began the 10th inning for Moppert with a HBP.  One out later Alex Rehoric worked a base on balls.  Tim Quinn then followed with a clutch single driving in the go ahead run.  Kevin Bosco then followed with a bloop single to right scoring 2 more runs.    Down 3 Hagan would not go down quietly.  With 1 out Bosco yielded consecutive walks.  One out later Kyle Tomasino rippled a single to left but the runner from 2nd base was unable to score as Alex Rehoric fielded the hit and fired it into home.




Moppert: Bosco - 52


Hagan’s: Owens - ???