May 5, 2007

ML Game 25


Campbell's Boathouse   5

Gardner Fox   4

In their second meeting Campbell’s Boathouse battled Gardner/Fox in a gripping, down-to-the-wire finish that, when the dust settled, found the Boatsmen even for the season at .500 and walking away with a 5-4 victory.

In a game that saw no walks yielded, Shane Williams (7 K’s) and Kevin McGarvey (10 K’s), both pitched strongly through 5 innings and gave their teams the chance to win. In the end it was passed balls followed by throwing errors which lead to opportunities that told the story. In the end, with the game on the line and facing the middle of Gardner/Fox’s batting order, John Fender took the mound and then control of the game in the bottom of the 6th inning, striking out 2 and fielding the final out (1-3) himself.

Eric Poynton and Christian Miller lead Campbell’s hitting with a single and a double each followed by Shane Williams who had two singles.

Hitting for Gradner/Fox were McGarvey (2 singles) and Brett Noble and Justin Barker with a single each.

Team Pitcher Pitches
S Williams 86
J Fender 17
Gardner Fox K McGarvey 86
S Heidig 10