May 5, 2007

AL Game 31


Children's Medical Associates   12 (in 8 innings)

Meenan Oil   11


The CMA Lightning and Meenan Oil team battled in a tight hard fought 8 Inning game with the score tied in innings 4, 5, 6, & 7.

CMA received good pitching from Dom Nunag, Steve McAlee, and Tobias Gabel.

Meenan in turn countered with strong outings by Robbie Brown (7 K's in 3 1/3 innings), Tyler Peel, and Jim Finnegan.

Offensively, CMA was led by Tobias Gabel and JT Harrar. Tobias had a 2 RBI single to open the scoring in the 1st Inning then followed with a clutch 2 RBI single in the 6th Inning. JT Harrar had a big RBI single in the 4th Inning followed by a 2 RBI single in the 7th Inning.

Leading Meenan was Stevie Furman who went 4 for 5 (2 singles, 1 double, and 1 triple) and Billy McCarthy who went 3 for 3 (all singles) including a clutch 2 RBI single in the 3rd Inning.

Defensively, Meenan kept the game close in the top of the 8th Inning with bases loaded and a drawn in infield, they got a force out at home and then got a great catch in right field on a JT Harrar line drive.

For CMA, their solid defense was highlighted by good relay throws from the outfield to get Stevie Furman attempting to stretch a double into a triple in the 2nd inning. Then in the 5th inning, Dom Nunag caught a line drive off the bat of Jonah Skobeloff and threw to 3rd for the 6 - 5 double play.

CMA's Tobias Gabel came in to close the game in the 8th getting Meenan's big hitters out to finally end the game.


Pitch Counts:


Team Pitcher Pitches
D Nunag 67
S McAlee 69
T Gabel 10
R Brown 78
T Peel 77
J Finnegan 43