April 26, 2007

AL Game 19


Burmans Health Foods   13 (tie)
Brooks Bradley & Kenney   13

Burmans and Brooks Bradley played to an exciting 13 to 13 tie game. Both teams played well until darkness necessitated an end to play.

Brooks Bradley was powered by the bats of Solomon(3-4), Keffer(1-4) and Reynolds(2-4). Doyle and Solomon also pitched well against an aggressive Burman line up.

Burmans offerse was lead by James Kantner(2-3,2RBI,3R), Colin McGuire(3-4,4RBI,3R), Ben Burman(1-4,1RBI,2R) and Brian Dougherty(1-3,1RBI,1R)

Team Pitcher Pitches
Burman's Health Foods B Burman 37
C McGuire 38
J Kantner 33
B Dougherty 18
Brooks Bradley & Kenney J Doyle 54
M Solomon 53