April 14, 2007

AL Game 6


Burman's Health Foods   15
Childrens Medical Associates   11

Burmans emerged victorious in a high scoring game against Childrens Medical.

Tobias, J.T.Haraar, and Rob Nunag pitched well for Childrens Medical. They were countered by Colin McGuire, Ben Burman and Brian Dougherty for Burmans.

Burmans had key hits from James Kantner (2-3,2RBI,1R), Ben Burman (2-3, 3RBI, 3R), Corey Hanson (2-3, 2R) and Colin McGuire(1-4, 2RBI, 1R)

Both teams played well and will meet again soon.
Team Pitcher Pitches
Burman's Health Foods C McGuire 56
B Burman 45
B Dougherty 23
Children's Medical Associates T Gabel 35
J Harrar 33
D Nunag 49