June 6, 2006

NL Game 50


Prudential, Fox & Roach (Braves)    18

Burman's Natural Foods A's    3



The Braves received strong pitching performances from Jason McClarney, Anthony Martinelli, and Chris Skahill. The staff combined for 14 strikeouts. Brian Dougherty led the Braves offensively with his first home run of the season. Jason McLarney had 2 hits, Stephen Furman tripled and Martinelli hit a Grand Slam to pace the Braves. Jack Norton also contributed a big hit. The defense was led by James Hare, Corey Hansen, Joe Kaneda , Joe Giannini and Spencer Hespendeide. A strong effort by the Braves as they gear up for the playoffs.

Pitching Log:
Jason McLarney 3 innings 48 pitches
Anthony Martinelli 2 innings 39 pitches
Chris Skahill 1 inning 28 pitches