May 22, 2006

NL Game 38


Chimney Cricket Marlins    11

Wilson Safe Yankees    6



Marlins pulled out a very close game against the Yankees last night 11-6 in cold windy conditions. Marlins had the big bats rolling early with clutch hits by Ben Wolters, Kyle Virbitsky, Tyler Lashley and Calvin Samson. A big pitching performance was put on by Nicky Ladd who held the potent Yankees line up to 3 runs over 3 innings. Kyle Virbitsky came on to pitch 2 stellar innings but was almost undone by an uncharacteristic lapse in fundamentals by the Marlins. The Marlins settled down and had the game closed out by Tyler Lashley who closed the door on any comeback attempt.

Nick Ladd - 3 inning 45 pitches
Kyle Virbitsky - 2 innings 29 pitches
Tyler Lashley - 1 inning 14 pitches