May 5, 2006

NL Game 20


Chimney Cricket Marlins   6

Wilson Lock Yankees    5



After being stymied by some great pitching by Thomas Bacchia and Colin McGuire for 5 innings, the Marlins had a little luck fall their way in the 6th inning taking a hard fought game with a final score of 6-5.

The Yankees touched the Marlins for 3 runs in the first inning with stinging line drives by Kyle Ferrer, Colin McGuire, Joey Lewis and finally a bases clearing triple by Conner Daly. Conner was stranded on third but could easily have scored the 4th run if not for a technicality on a dead ball call on an overthrown ball. The Marlins stayed in the game by getting 2 in the first with off a monster double by Kyle Virbitsky and some clutch singles by Cal Samson, Eli Avart and Danny Crawford.