April 17, 2006

NL Game 1


Wilson Safe Company Yankees 5
Burman Health Foods As 5

On the opening night of the 2006 Media Little League National League season, the Wilson Safe Company Yankees and the Burman Health Foods As tied five to five, in a shortened game due to darkness. Each team played especially well for this early in the season.

The As were lead by their trio of pitchers; Ben Burman, James Katner and Alex Twinkie Burman who held the Yankees to five runs. The As jumped out early in the first inning, scoring four runs, led by James Katners triple and Malcolm Reynolds single that drove in 3 runs. Alex Bratsis, Josh Cadorette, Joey Cimino, Jimmy Donoghue, James Finnegan, Tyler Peel, Matt Quon and Jay Stubblebine all contributed to the As effort.

Equally impressive were the Yanks throwers; Colin McGuire, Jack Daly and Thomas Bacchia who held the As potent offense in check, allowing one run in the final three innings. The Yanks big hit of the night was Kyle Ferrers fourth inning triple that cleared the bases and tied the game at five. Cameron Ricciardi was on base all three times and plated two runs during the contest. Joey Lewis, Connor Daly, Andrew Wilson, Josh Yoon, John Manos, Charlie Frindt and Owen McGovern all played well in their first game of the 2006 season.