May 3, 2006

ML Game 29


Baker Printing    6

Caman    5

Another classic ball game between two tough clubs. Carman scored 2 runs in the top of the second inning with the help of some walks and key hits from Sean Roddy and Kyle Gillen. Baker answered with 1 run in the third and fourth innings to tie the game at 2 a piece. Nick Boleto and Thomas Weather (1 for 1) each scored twice in the game with fine base running. Ben Davis pitched the first 3 innings with 7 strikeouts!

Baker scored in the fifth inning on a clutch 2 out single to right center field by Andrew McElwain-Siems. Carman came out swinging in the top of the sixth to score 3 runs with single from Furman (2 for 3), Banister, Mohollen and Gillen. With the game tied at 5 Baker got their chance at the plate in the bottom of the sixth. With one man on and 2 outs, Johnny (Hit Man) Robinson hit a shot into right field to drive the winning run.

The webcam defensive play happened in the fourth inning with Baker second baseman Joey Murray and shortstop John Allen pulling a 4 - 6 - 3 double play! Joey Murray was a vacuum at second base all night assisting with 5 outs.