May 13, 2006

ML Game 25


Baker Printing    14

Campbell's    3

Baker and Campbell battled to a 3 - 3 tie game going into the fifth inning. Strong early pitching from Campbell's Joe McGlauglin and fine defensive catching from Matt Rushton only allowed Baker 3 runs thru 4 innings. Shane Williams' double in the 3rd helped produce 2 runs for Campbells.

Baker came out swinging in the 5th inning with hits from Johnny Robinson, Ben Davis, Jim Allen, Cole Gamber and Thomas Weathers to add 4 runs to the board. Baker scored 7 more runs in the sixth inning with some key hits, with men in scoring position, by Thomas Weather and Darren Lucca.

Ben Davis closed the game on the mound with 6 strikeouts in the fifth and the sixth innings.