May 8, 2006

ML Game 21


Baker Printing    8

Hagan's Funeral Home    3

Moppert's Ian McClarney pitched well on the mound holding Baker to just 1 run thru 4 innings of play. Moppert scored 3 runs thru 4 innings with nice hitting from Ian Campbell (3 for 4) with a single and two doubles. Brian Vandetta also put his bat into action (3 for 4) with two singles and a double. This offense gave Moppert a 3 - 1 lead thru 4 innings.

Baker finally got the printing presses rolling in the 5th inning with a well hit double by Andrew McElwain to help produce 1 run, Baker tied it up in the 6th inning to force extra innings. Both teams' bats fell silent in the 7th. Baker broke out in the 8th scoring 5 runs with hits from Thomas Weathers, Ron Tassoni, Joey Murray, John Robinson, Andrew McElwain and Ben Davis.