April 29, 2006

ML Game 13


Baker    9

Campbells    4

Baker had all it could handle against Campbells. Shane Williams single handedly kept Baker in check for 4 innings both on the pitching mount and at the plate. Shane allowed only 3 hits and 2 runs over 4 innings then had 2 doubles (2 for 3) to help build Campbells early lead in the game. Joe McLaughlin also had 2 solid singles (2 for 3) to help on the offensive side for Campbells.

Baker hung in to keep the game close and had a break out 6th inning, scoring 7 runs and finally getting ahead of the tough Campbells ball club. Johnny Robinson, Joey Murray and Ron Tassoni each had doubles in the game to help take over the lead.

Strong pitching contributions from Jim Allen, Ben Davis and Cole Gamber provided 12 strike outs in the 6th inning game.