April 20, 2006

ML Game 4


Moppert    5

Carman    2

Moppert jumped out for 3 runs in the first by working a few walks and Kevin Bosco's RBI double. The inning and game may have gotten away from Carman if not for awesome relief pitching by Kyle Gillen. Carman tightened the game in the 2nd inning by scoring a run on Kevin Dlugos RBI double.


Moppert then stretched it's lead in the 4th inning by scoring a couple of runs on a John McGovern hit, a walk and an error. Carman picked up it's final run in the 5th inning on a Danny Furman RBI double. The real story of the game though was solid Moppert pitching by Brian Vendetta and Kevin Bosco (over 6 innings they only granted 2 walks) and stellar defense. Ian McLarney deserves special mention with 2 dandy defensive plays that kept Carman from gaining any momentum.


Moppert Pitching:
    Vendetta - 3 innings (55 pitches)
    Bosco - 3 innings (43 pitches)

Carman Pitching:
    Furman - 1inning
    Gillen - 3 innings
    Bannister - 2 innings