June 11, 2006

CL Game 65

AllStar Services Dodgers 18 runs on 24 hits
Carmanico & Sons Devil Rays 0 runs on 4 hits

The Dodgers were pumped up for the last regular season game. Many great plays on Dodger defense. Jared Joines made two outs in a row playing 2nd base also he broke his hitting slump and went 3 for 3 one being his first double! Gerald Dati made some plays and at bat had a hard hit line drive to right field for his first double! Jake Scott robbed the Devilrays of some great hits to third base. Brian Skahill made two great heads up plays at first base, pulled of the bag to make the catch and tagging the runner as he was falling. Brian Skahill also had his first GRAND SLAM! Other Notable hits were:Peter Soloman, Jake Scott, Richie Hess and Brian Skahill also had doubles. Devlin Ward had a triple and Devin Dougherty had a 3 run homer in the 4th