June 10, 2006

CL Game 62


Madd Dogg Restoration Angels    10

Office Basics Tigers    9


The Angels got back to their winning ways by defeating the Tigers 10-9 in a hard fought battle by both teams.

Highlights fot the Tigers included: Mike Arndt (3 hits including a double, 2 runs scored), Bryce Haver (3 hits, 2 runs scored), and Travis Meyers (2 hits scoring both times as well).

For the Angels, Ryan Shah (3 hits, 2 runs scored), Jess Warrington (3 hits, 2 runs scored), and Jules Marmer with the "icing on the cake"! Jules contributed with 3 hits in the game. His last at bat with 2 outs and 2 strikes-he batted in the go-ahead run to steal the victory! Also for the Angels, Chris Bogardus and David Moore added another double each to their stats!