June 20, 2005

NL Playoff Game 17


Rose Tree Getty Marlins    11

Patriot Construction Twins    8


After a tough loss on Saturday morning to the Twins, the Marlins came out swinging. The first six batters got on and four came across the plate to give the Marlins a quick 4-0 lead. In the bottom of the first, the potent Twins offense hit the ball hard but exceptional plays by Michael Solomon and Corey Hansen held them to no runs. At the end of one, the score was 4-0 Marlins.


In the second, Timmy Quinn, Matt Divis, William Manganiello and Brian Snow again hit the ball hard, scoring three more runs to make it 7-0. In the bottom of the second, Marlins ace Timmy Quinn walked the first batter who came around to score on a hard double to right field. The score at the end of two, Marlins 7-1.


In the third, the Twins pitcher quieted the Marlins bats yielding a lead off walk by Continental league standout Andrew Panzo and a hit by Tim Quinn. In the bottom of the third, the Twins came alive as the usually consistent Tim Quinn threw four walks and gave up three runs. At the end of three, it was Marlins 7-4.


In the fourth, the Marlins were again quieted by exceptional pitching by the Twins. Brian Snow had a two out single, and rookie Alex Burman walked to threaten. Casey Brown came up and hit a hard grounder to first which was fielded well for the third out. In the bottom of the fourth, the Twins bats really came alive. After two quick strike outs, Chase Luffey, Kevin Mohollen, and Jack Ribble all came in on a wall-denting triple by Alex Kron, which chased Timmy Quinn from the mound. Michael Solomon came in to pitch and the Twins' Max Reisser drove a double down the line for the Twins go ahead run. Exceptional play by the Twins outfield of Andrew Panzo, Casey Brown, Alex Burman and Corey Hansen kept the Marlins in the game. At the end of four, it was Twins 8-7.


In the fifth, Andrew Panzo drew a lead off walk from the Twins ace Kevin Mohollen. After Corey Hansen grounded out sharply to first, Timmy Quinn, Matt Divis, Michael Solomon and Brian Snow again combined for a four run inning. In the bottom of the fifth, Solomon continued his pitching prowess striking out two and finishing the inning with a great fielding play by William Manganiello and Timmy Quinn at first. At the end of five, it was Marlins 11-8.


In the top of the sixth, the Twins Kevin Mohollen left no doubt about his pitching expertise with three straight strike outs to keep the Twins in the game. In the bottom of the sixth, Michael Solomon continued to stymie the Twins getting a lead off strike out. Chase Luffey then hit a ground ball to the left side of the field. Pitcher Michael Solomon fielded it on his knees and fired the ball to first. First baseman Tim Quinn made a major league stretch to retire the speedy Luffey. Kevin Mohollen then got a clean single to left. With two outs, and one on, Michael Solomon bore down and fired a high fast ball to batsman Jack Ribble. Ribble took a big cut and popped it up. Michael Solomon coolly circled under the ball for the fnial out of the season.


The Marlins are the National League Champions!


Final score Marlins 11, Twins 8.